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Euro 2012 Poland -Ukraine great game won by England

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Euro 2012 Poland -Ukraine great game won by England

The English team come back from two goal down to win the very electrifying match with ultra strong and committed Sweden. I must say that i had doubts how and if the English team will score first the equaliser and than a winning goal. It happens Great ! to them , big thank you. The game for title is still very much on. Good luck in the next important match with Ukraine .


Euro 2012 Poland -Ukraine game won by luck again by England

Englang was lucky this time they won with Ukraine by 1 goal . However the Ukraine side score the goal but was not counted by the judge. The game could twist totally if the goall will be allowed .

Now the quarter finals , England vs Italy and France vs Spain.

France lost last group game to Sweden 2:0 and pity that they "wake up" so late , although great game with England could be won by them or draw than they could qualify as the joint winners.

I predict result as follows :

- Italy will go through in extra time even by penalties

- Spain will win with France

- Portugal win with Czech Republic

- Germany win with Greece    


Euro 2012 Poland -Ukraine great games in quarter finals

I was spot right with my predictions . Starting with Italy game against England.They won by penaty shoot out , however there was not a question which team was better by mile the Italian team. The performance of great team was confirmed in the semi final . The mentaly destroyed the German team by scoring two goals in first half of their semi final.Thats why they deserved to be in the Final.

Than the rest three games , as i wrote , Portugal was by far better than Czech Republic . They prove great team players cooperation with Ronaldo winning goal and so many chances to score more goals. 

Germany , they perform very well with Greece , and there was not for a moment any doubt which team will win . Even that Greece score two goals .

Than last winner Spanish team against France . Again the better team won without any questions . Spain showed the team spirit and great quality of each and every one player . Thats why they are now in the Final . 

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