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Intraday Unusual Volume

Will the EU last ,to be or not to be this is now a big question

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Will the EU last ,to be or not to be this is now a big question

Recent situation in EU is very serious , the Greak crisis is on the top agenda of all world newspapers ,tv , radio  chanells.

Great chaos that what it is no question about that . In my mind the buncrupcy scenario will not happen , however is still very likely .

The safty volve is in the hands of the German chancellor Angela Merkel and president Sarkozy , the hold the key to fundamental issue to pump in more billions off Euro to the almost buncrupt country Grecee. I have no doubt that they will do everything in their powers to safe the EU unity and the Euro as the EU currency . To much efforts over past 11years and even more yeras since creation of the EU state was put forward to have now the collapse of the great idea and economic concept . Best Regards yours truly Maciej    


Will the EU last ,to be or not to be this is now a big question

Still the situation is unclear with the Greek crisis . Until that problem will be solve the whole future of EU will be in doubt .

Greece as a country act more or less as a modern vampire , suck out all the possible "blood" from the EU financial system. The Greek society has to blaim themselfs for this ultra heavy consumption of their country budget . The life was easy going and full of pleaseure for its citizens. The credit lines were fully open for everyone who wanted to get loans , credit cards etc. What more the full system of sate benefits , extra holiday bonuses were spread acrossthe country. I am not surpise that nobody complain or thought about what will happen in near future . Why they should ?. Only after the start of financial global crisis of late 2008 the new gloom picture start to be more and more realistic. Now the October 2011 is the apogee of the crisis in fact the "death" of the country as the economic system . Without the already coming support from EU banks , special life line financial lines from members states the Greek state will be long time gone , bankruptcy will be only option left.

Lets wait few more weeks , like i wrote before i do not think that will happen. To much at stake for Europe and its leading states Germany, France the founders of the EU . However a very tough lesson must be learn. All our fingers cross .Best regards Maciej    


Will the EU last ,to be or not to be after the latest election in Greece

Now the election for the second time in past three months is over in Greece .Lets hope that this time a new coalition government will accept the EU terms for financial help .This way all member states as well as the financial markets will get a confidance back .Thus a necessary boost in economic output . I my self see the positive scenario although it take at least two critical years until the fragile economical situation will be secure enough to start to produce steady positive GDP growth in each single member state. The Euro currency will last . 

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