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F1 new crown Champion Vettel set up X factor standard

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F1 new crown Champion Vettel set up X factor standard


After the first race of Formula One season , Vettel set up new standard for the rest of the drivers. No question he is the modern X factor man , the ultimate champion and the one to follow .

The rest of 4 excellent drivers Alonso, Hamilton , Button , Webber can only be in his shadow , from time to time they will win but the king of the track will be Sebastian Vettel .

The only Black horse for this year was Robert Kubica, who could fight with him neck to neck having similar attiutde always maximum power , unfortunately his lady lack was not with him when he crashed in terrible way in a rally car in February .    

Lets hope that he will come back and soon will give the ultimate show with Vetel and the rest of the top drivers .  


F1 new crown Champion Vettel set up X factor standard

Dear readers , we dont have yet in UK new edittion of the X factor but with out any doubt we have the perfect 100% type it is Sebastain Vettel the young German F1 driver. The new World Champion of season 2011 !.Excellent result wchich i predict at the start of the season . He was the trully champion in many ways without the challange from the main rivals , Button , Alonso, Weber , Hamilton , great driviers , champions but for quite few reasons could not much the results of Sebastian Vettel.

Only very pitty tha thepolish star driver Robert Kubica could not drive in this season. In my mind he could compete woth Vettel and give him some fantactis fights and poole positions. Best regards Maciej

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