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The Premiership leauge who will be the next Champion

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The Premiership leauge who will be the next Champion

 In my mind the strongest are Manchester United  , Chelsea , Arsenal ,Tottenham  , Manchester City .What do you think .

The Premiership leauge who will be the next Champion

After first opening games the schedule is as usual , Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal , Manchester City , missing as the matter of 1st big surprise as the tittle contender is Liverpool . Almost was on the floor like a knock out  under new management , completely without form and game will power for play .  Luckily since the last 4 games , specially brilliant one with Chelsea where they won as in the past glory times. Very good for them. In my mind they will pick up the winning momentum and at the still long journey to come they will be among the title contenders by March 2011 ,perhaps equal with the points with first two team , Man United and Chelsea . Arsenal plays very well all past games apart from the lost to Newcastle , they will do well in Champions League to me semi final is within their reach , the title though no and the Championship crown as well no this time. They don't have the necessary squad depth , not enough money to play around for new vital for tittle fights reinforcements .

Man City , Newcastle, Tottenham , Aston Villa ,Everton , can only dream about title hopes . They can play fantastic games but when it comes to final pedigree of the champions they luck by mile the essential ingredients . As usual very exiting perhaps the most existing football league in the world . Plenty of money for punters to win , at the same to to loose on false prediction hopes , measure sometimes by local patriotism of a football fan not by the logic and knowledge of the football business  . My champion favorite to win is Man United .       


The Premiership league the Champions for 2011 Man United

I was spot on right with my prediction six months ago . Manchaster United are the Champions and other four teams within top five places in the league .

In addition i put my tip and money for man United to win the Champions League crown , they can beat Barcelona in the Final , having the right energy boost and attitude hunger for further success  . Since last defeat with F.C Barcelona in the final 2009 they want for sure revenge.


The Premiership leauge who will be the next Champion in 2012

I had the perfect score last year Manchaster United won title , 10 out of ten ! , congratulation. This year already confirms whow , wchich team will be important in 2011/2012 competition .

Again the dominance of MU itsprove with the 1st palce currently, however Man City is right at the back . Plenty of hundred  millions from the new owner Arab billioner was pump in for new players ,which brings the right results so far.

If i can again can predict the results for this season my tablw will look like this > Manchaster United Champion , Manchaster CIty second , Chealse  3rd , Arsenal 4th , Liverpool 5th , Totenham 6th.   


The Premiership league who will be the next Champion for 2012/2013

Well the answer is not that difficult . We have top four teams , two from Manchester and two from London . Is going to be between them .

I will put my bet on Manchester United so close to get the title this year only by thin margin of goals they came second . But for Sir Alex Ferguson the club 20th title is a must case for him before his retirement.

Next is Chelsea with their new appointed 1st manager De Mateo who already won the Championship league Title ,most wanted price by the club owner Mr. Roman Abramovich since he became the Chelsea boss.

Arsenal has always very good seasons however luck of investment into transfer market for new strategic players is the key negative point in their title race challenge.  For some reason i dont believe to repeat the title won this year by Man City .     

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