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World indexes - Stocks Up on Unusual Volume

  Intraday Unusual Volume - Top 5 Up
Symbol Volume %
Price %
 CSGS 314%  23.29% news
 AFOP 257%  24.50% news
 PTR 231%  113.50% news
 ISCA 194%  33.51% news
 LVNTA 191%  86.75% news
Intraday Unusual Volume

Dubai and the new World image the tallest building

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Dubai and the new World image Burj Khalifa tallest building

Will this help to overcome the investors problems in Dubai .Will this new shiny Star ,828meters high tower Burj Khalifa cover the mountain of debts for the whole wonder city .Add your point of view . 

Poland lost the elite of the Government


So tragic that any words can not be enough to express the sorrow and condolence from all over the World

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